EPE Liners / Wads & Reels


Alhamdulillah we are first in Pakistan to produce 3-layer EPE (Expanded Polyethylene) Wad / Liners, co-extruded and physically foamed seals for ROPP Bottle Caps, Lubricant Bottles & Plastic Jars.

Perfect Sealing Capability

Structurally our cap liners and wads are built to ensure leak proof sealing due to its multi- layered construction and fine grain texture, guarantee that they do not alter, collapse, expand or shrink once sealed with, their non-porous profile completely eliminates any possibility of absorption and their inherent elasticity helps in true air tight sealing of the cap.

Reliably Pilfer Proof

 The excellent sealing offered by our liners ensures that no pilferage or loss occurs through leakage. EPE Liners protects against bottle contents deterioration and counts for the increased shelf life of your products.

Customized Sizes

 We produce EPE Wad Liners and Sheets in wide range of standard dimensions. We are can also produce in customized sizes according to requirement of usage

EPE Sheets Production Ranges

Density 220 kgs/m3 to 500 kgs/m3

Width 100mm to 1000mm

Thickness 0.3mm to 2.5mm


EPE Wads Production Ranges

Density 220 kgs/m3 to 500 kgs/m3

Diameter 16mm to 120mm

Thickness 0.8mm to 2.5mm