Every good online dating startup is doomed to become international

Every good online dating startup is doomed to become international

Hybrid. Hybrid applications have certain flaws comparing to native apps, but its biggest advantage is the fact that you need to create only one application and it will work on iOS, Android, and other mobile platforms.

Cross-platform. As its name states, a cross-platform application is designed to work equally well on web and mobile platforms. You’ll need to create only one application, and it will be adapted to various devices since it operates using a browser engine.

You can decide by yourself what mobile app to build or consult with a company that offers mobile development services to get the dating mobile application that suits your goals and budget.

In case if you’re already interested in getting a mobile app for your future online dating service but want more information on its financial side, read our article and infographic on how much does it cost to create a mobile application .

Localization Peculiarities

If you want to cover new countries you better think this through in advance and make your platform flexible to these changes. Main differences in separate countries include, but are not limited to:

Once you choose what country to cover next, research the local market to get a full picture on whether it is worth to put your money and effort in it or not.

UI/UX Design for Dating Apps

Never underestimate the importance of good UI/UX design, especially in the online dating field. By making the interface or your dating application intuitive and convenient, you will make your app more user-friendly and gain bigger popularity.

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No matter how beautiful your interface is it won’t matter if users cannot find search filters or the message button in 1-2 seconds. People won’t stay on your platform for long if they don’t find it aesthetically pleasing, which indicates that UI is as important as UX design.

Make sure that your website has a fitting color palette that corresponds to your brand book and it would never hurt your brand if your dating application will include interactive elements for both web and mobile versions.

What Development Technologies to Use

The development technologies market changes rapidly, and some technologies that are popular today may already be forgotten in a year. Since any dating application requires constant updating and support due to ong the target audience, it would be wise to outsource this part of making your dating idea real to software development professionals.

Despite the fact that outsourcing development sounds fishy to those who never dealt with it before, it is a common practice for large companies. Successful companies that can distinguish outsourcing myths from realities already gain profit from such their products as:

When a dating application is just a startup of an enthusiast, instead of being one more product of a corporation like the Match Group that owns Match, Tinder, Bumble, PlentyOfFish, and other popular dating apps, it may be challenging to develop, promote and maintain. However, by doing the research on your direct or indirect competitors and analyzing their both strong and weak sides you can make your product more competitive.

Validation. Validation is an important part of any website or application because it regulates compliance with rules and restrictions. First, validation ensures that users fill in all the information needed for the app owners and administrators. Second, with the help of validation, you can significantly reduce the number of fake profiles. By not giving users the ability to upload fake photos for illegal purposes such as stalking and fraudulence you can increase audience trust in your platform and make it more reputable.

Set of Additional Features

Interface themes. The ability to adjust the interface to fit personal preferences is advantageous for both users and dating app owners. This feature can be one of the additional ways to monetize your dating service, but you need to make sure that you satisfy at least the main categories of your target audience with custom designs. Users will be especially pleased if you give them themes on trendy topics like superheroes, TV shows like Game of Thrones, etc.

Native. Native applications are designed to work only on one platform such as iOS, Android or any other. Thus, if you want to cover few platforms, you’ll need to create separate applications for each of them.