The newest Chief Shusuke Amagai arch (anime just)

The newest Chief Shusuke Amagai arch (anime just)

Immediately following Orihime is captured by the Aizen’s forces, Urahara finds Uryu during the Karakura Hospital’s magic degree ground. The buddygays guy tells Uryu about that experiences, and assists your get off a medical facility immediately after he agrees to help. [87] Before you leave, Urahara takes your in order to an invisible storehouse, in which it pick several Seele Schneider. [88] Afterwards one to date, if you are trying to explain to Ichigo how Orihime’s bring try anything the guy retains themselves accountable for because of getting sloppy together real and you will emotional well-being, Urahara opens a good Garganta to have Ichigo, Chad, and Uryu to allow them to enter into Hueco Mundo so you can rescue Orihime. Once their departure, Urahara reveals they are conscious of the presence of Ichigo’s around three family members, hence the guy leftover the shop unlocked so that they you can expect to get into. [89] Shortly afterwards, Rukia and you can Renji appear away from Soul Community, and you will Urahara opens up a beneficial Garganta in their mind. [90]

Once the Aizen is actually enveloped for the a column regarding white, Urahara informs him he’ll become incinerated of the his personal Reiatsu from the inside out

Following the Ichigo’s deviation, Urahara, retrieving Kon and Ichigo’s looks, metropolitan areas Kon in to the Ichigo’s body. He persuades a hesitant Kon when planning on taking more Empty browse if you find yourself Ichigo is out. Urahara bands an alternate wristwatch for the Kon, which will surely help him change into the Karakura-Raizer. Delivering Kon out to struggle Hollows, he inspections their progress of their shop and you will interacts which have him through the check out. [91] Kisuke recruits Wear Kanonji, Tatsuki, Chizuru, Keigo, and you can Ururu, plus Kon, to make this new Karakura-Raizer People. Due to the fact people dispatches the lower top Hollows hurting the town, a keen Arrancar seems inside the a giant floating fortress. Urahara, taking a look at the brand new fortress, shows it is made up of Hollows fused together, and you can comes to an end you to definitely to destroy it, they must hit on the center. The guy directs the group to combat brand new Arrancar and you will ruin brand new fortress. The guy ruins the new stays of Empty fortress since it starts so you’re able to crash into city below. Since the Kon additionally the Human beings go to sleep, Urahara, thanking him or her for their perform, reveals he made use of the time for you setup the fresh new Tenkai Kecchu without having to be seen. [92]

With this go out, Urahara is given commands because of the Chief-Leader Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto. These include doing an excellent Garganta to let captains to get in Hueco Universo, [93] and you can preparing toward upcoming combat by simply making it you can easily to the Gotei thirteen to defend myself against in the Karakura Urban area. He achieves which by making something called the Tenkai Kecchu, which allows him to help you exchange the true Karakura Area having an elaborate copy created by the 12th Office. [94]

Urahara, seeing a decreased a certain types of heart particle, begins to thought it has one thing to carry out towards the Kasumioji Clan. [95] A little while after, Urahara presides over a beneficial Keent between Rurichiyo Kasumioji, Ryusei Kenzaki, Rusaburo Enkogawa, Ichigo, along with his household members, taking support and you can commentary. [96]

Fake Karakura Urban area arc

Due to the fact Sosuke Aizen suggests the actual nature of your own Hogyoku, Urahara symptoms your off behind that have Jugeki Byakurai, piercing Aizen’s neck. [97] Urahara, listing new unusual setting Aizen has taken, states Aizen possess bonded with the Hogyoku. Aizen feedback that it’s maybe not fusion, but instead subjugation of your own Hogyoku, which Urahara had failed to master. Urahara, glaring off at the Aizen, acknowledges it is true that he was incapable of master it in earlier times. Aizen attempts to assault your, but Urahara, using a portable Gigai since an excellent decoy, uses the ability to join Aizen which have multiple Kido means. Urahara symptoms having “Senju Koten Taiho”, however, Aizen, searching about him unscathed, slashes their neck. [98]

Aizen says to Urahara you don’t have to have your are to your protect, as Hogyoku try building their efficiency. Urahara states he was maybe not talking about dodging this new Kido, but alternatively one in past times, Aizen might have never are located in physical contact with your twice instead an idea. Urahara shows the guy set seals to the Aizen so you can cut-off from the Reiatsu outlet which most of the Shinigami has within their wrists. [98] Although not, Aizen is offered unharmed and additional turned, posting comments one to Urahara put a level-ninety Kido given that a beneficial decoy while you are placing the latest seal. Aizen states the Hogyoku Urahara authored is beyond his knowing. Urahara episodes Aizen because the Isshin will come in the him out-of trailing, however, the guy with ease stops both of their symptoms. However, this is exactly revealed to-be a different sort of trap, since the Urahara and you may Isshin has entangled Aizen, pushing him towards the an embarrassing updates. Once the Aizen requires to understand what is occurring, Yoruichi, wearing armour created by Urahara, attacks Aizen off above. Urahara yells for Yoruichi to maneuver aside since Aizen quickly recovers. [99]