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The graduates of the program, in addition to understanding of plasma physics, they also get a solid foundation in optics, electronics, condensed matter and spectroscopy. Nuclear as well as Subnuclear Physics (Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics) This experimental foundation allows for applications not just to the field of research (universities and research centers in the United States and overseas) however also to technology and industrial centres.1 Degree: Masters (Mgr.) Comenius University in Bratislava is the only university in Slovakia that offers this type of study program. Usual time of use: 2 years. Fee for tuition: EUR1,500 per academic year. About the program The programe is designed to produce highly qualified experts , primarily to conduct research in subnuclear and nuclear physical sciences, dosimetry in nuclear power-plants, radiohygiene environmental radioactivity management, and medical applications of radioactive ionisation.1

Solid State Physics (Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics) The tuition fee is 1,500 euros per academic year. Degree: Masters (Mgr.) Optics, Lasers, and Optical Thermo-Spectroscopy (Faculty of Mathematics Physics and Informatics) Usual time of use: 2 years. Degree: Masters (Mgr.) About the program Solid state physics is one of the most dynamic areas of physics, both in terms of theoretical and practical advancements.1 Usual time of use: 2 years.

It is the basis for a large variety of significant applications that include, in particular, electronic devices, advanced materials , and nanotechnologies. About the course: Lasers and Optical Spectroscopy provide the foundation for many areas of the modern world of technology, specifically by expanding the areas of telecommunications optics, optoelectronics microelectronics and nanotechnology.1 Master’s program on Solid State Physics offers a opportunity to study innovative theoretical methods, apply modern computer simulation techniques and master diagnostic and experimental methods. Students will get experience in ultra-sensitive optic and spectroscopy (CRDS, CEAS and LIBS) which ranges from the UV region to the near-IR area.1

Students who are conducting their master’s thesis are engaged in both foreign and national projects, which allows them to work in the most modern laboratories in Slovakia and around the world. This places our graduates in good position to continue their research into the identification of trace elements, radicals, and molecules within the environment, medical, criminology and civil defence as well as identification of explosives, drugs and drug-related substances.1 Graduates are able to pursue careers in applied and basic research at the Slovak Academy of Sciences and at universities and also working in industry.

The main part of the course includes subjects that are focused on laser physics as well as optical spectrum, experimental physics, and application of knowledge to different disciplines in science.1 Graduates employed by private sector are admired not just for their understanding of physical sciences, but also for their the ability to model mathematically and computationally and their experience in both theoretic and experimental work. The acquired knowledge and skills enable the student to apply them to conduct basic research at institutes, universities, International Laser Centre and other research centers at home and overseas.1 Fee for tuition: EUR1,500/year. The experience gained through dealing both domestic and international research projects throughout the course allows students to be part of teams that are interconnected for both fundamental and applied research.

Theoretical Physics (Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics) This study program is closely co-operating together with and the International Laser Centre in Bratislava and the Institute of Physics of the Slovak Academy of Sciences.1 Degree: Masters (Mgr.) International acceptance of our work gives students with opportunities to pursue internships and further studies at the institutions that include Dijon, Lille, Strasbourg, Grenoble, Marseille, Brussels, Linz, Prague and more. Usual time of use: 2 years. The tuition fee is EUR1,500 for the academic year.1 About the program: Physics is an experimental as well as theoretical science.

Physics of the Earth (Faculty of Mathematics, Physics, and Informatics) The job of physicists is therefore two-fold: learn about the physical world through the design and execution of complex experiments, and then formulate theories that allow us to comprehend the increasing volume of data, and discover new connections within.1 Degree: Masters (Mgr.) The two-year Master program in Theoretical Physics is aimed at people who want to comprehend how to apply and create modern theories of physical phenomena in the world. Usual time of use: 2 years.

They range from microscopic to cosmic scales and cover a the vast spectrum of phenomena that range from particle physics, condensed matter physics and cosmology.1 The program’s description The program is unique. Students can concentrate upon one or more of the areas and also acquire an understanding of math, physics, and programming. International Joint Master Study Programme is conducted in partnership together with University of Vienna (UW). Fee for tuition: 1,500 EUR per academic year.1 The study program focuses around the physical structures of the Near-Earth and Earth’s space, physical processes occurring in the Earth’s inner and near-Earth space, methods for measuring processes the data and analyzing it, techniques for signal analysis, as well as computer programming.

The Joint Graduate and Undergraduate Study Programs.1 Courses are scheduled for two consecutive days within Bratislava and on an additional day, in Vienna for all weeks of the semester. Dentistry (Faculty of Medicine) Students are invited to apply and enroll at both Universities. Degree: Dental Medicine Doctor (MDDr.) Students who graduate from the master program are alumni at both Universities.1 Usual time of use 6 years. Tuition fees No fee for tuition for EU citizens as well as permanent residents of EU. About the program The undergraduate study program is offered over 6 years full time studies.

The tuition fee for non-EU student amounts to 1500 EUR at Comenius University in Bratislava plus tuition at UW.1 Dentistry is a distinct medical field that includes diagnosis as well as prevention and treatment of diseases of the oral cavity as well as teeth. Plasma Physics (Faculty of Mathematics Physics, Informatics, and Physics) It is primarily concerned with the two most frequently occurring chronic infections such as periodontal and dental caries disorders and their complications and other conditions that affect the oral cavity as well as the maxillofacial area.1

Degree: Masters (Mgr.) The tuition fee is EUR11,000 for the academic year. Usual time of use: 2 years. General Medicine (Faculty of Medicine) About the program: The Study program in Plasma Physics is focused on training students to acquire the theoretical and practical skills of the technology and science in the field of plasma Physics, experimental Physics and vacuum physics as well as technology.1